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If you’re searching for some distinct drum grooves, or if you’re generally uninspired by midi loops and modern plugin/DAW sample-based drum loops, then these groovy sounds will do the trick!  This ever growing catalog of multitrack calfskin drum loops is designed for creative music production.  Every loop you’ll find here offers something a bit different to inspire your creativity.


Every loop is recorded on a small groove-oriented drum kit and captured with 5 microphones.  With these  MULTI-TRACK  loops you get a perfect sound balance of close vs. room, and the ability to mix and process to your own specifications. 

CALFSKIN-headed drums sound warm, dry, and round.  Within certain tunings (or weather conditions) calfskin can be “barky” or “trashy” in ways that modern plastic heads just can’t.  All of these loops were recorded with calfskin, so they sound different.  As opposed to plastic which sounds like everyone else . . .

This son of a drummer’s son has been bangin’ the skins for 3 of his almost 4 decade life.  Say hello to BILL MEAD.  He’s here for the music . . .


Do you need a specific loop or fill for your production?  How about complete drum tracks for your song?  Or maybe some percussion overdubs?  These SERVICES are offered here at Organic Drum Loops on a pay-as-you-feel basis with unlimited revisions and quick turn-arounds, dig it!

These loops and samples are Royalty-Free!  Please give the requested attribution and be sure to read through the  TERMS  for all the license information . . . but basically, you can use these royalty-free creations for whatever you like, except re-selling or distributing them as drum loops/samples, in which case the wrath would be unleashed upon you :)