Custom Services

If you’re looking for something a bit more customized to your situation, I offer such things over at AirGigs.

Here’s my profile with all the info.

So, we’re talkin’ complete drum tracks for your songs, custom loops, song section punch-ins, groove improvisations, or anything else you may need. I’m happy to help you out and enjoy working on other people’s music.

Currently for this service I’m on a standard 4-piece bebop style drumkit with 8 mics. Of course, the drums are outfitted with calfskin for that warm earthy tone you’ve come to know and love. The cymbals are most certainly dark and jazzy. And the drummer, well, he’s a bit greasy in his grooviness, if I humbly may say so :)

I put together 6 loops of varying tempos and grooves that you can download here. These are to give you an idea of the kit, sound and mic configuration. All the loops are totally dry, unprocessed, unquantized and unedited – just like the stems you’d receive from using this service. So yes, go ahead and download these and mess around with mixing and processing to see if this stuff will work for you or not. 

If you have any questions, comments, or otherwise, you can message me from AirGigs or from here.