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Checkout many common genres of drum stuff here.  All your typical styles played in an untypical way – funk, rock, pop, latin, jazz, hip hop, drum n’ bass, etc.  Over 1,800 drum loops.

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Looking for something different?  These downloads stray from the norm . . . on purpose.  Each download contains a loop, an improvisation, and single shot samples. Let’s get creative!

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Concept dozens are just that, yup you guessed it . . . a download of 12 loops based on a concept.  They’re awesome, and take us into areas of abstraction, sound effects and noise.  Dig it!

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The question “what groove do you need?” is asked to users of this website through email – and then it’s recorded for them.  First come, first serve.  Get on the list.

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Nature loops are an effort to discover and develop a connection between the drummer, the instrument, and the natural world.  All these loops are field recorded to reflect this abstraction.

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Spacious loops are backbeat oriented loops that are sparse and full of space.  If you want 2 & 4 pocket grooves that won’t clutter things up, these are your ticket!

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Percussion loops baby, yup!  A growing library of textural and rhythmic percussion instruments for your production needs.  Loose and organic as you would expect.