Multitrack Loops


All loops feature a very manageable 5 tracks . . . sort of a modified Glynn John’s approach with 5 mics: kick, snare, room, ohl, ohr.  The drum configuration is minimal, making this mic setup ideal.  Instead of dealing with 10-20 tracks (typical of a modern session) these loops are simplistic, while still offering plenty of flexibility.  

The beauty of this setup is it’s ability to capture the entire kit with all of its natural overtones, bleed and subtle phase differences.  When Bill plays the kit he inherently balances the different voices of the instrument.  It’s seen and approached from a holistic perspective.  Therefore, it’s appropriate that the micing method reflects this aesthetic.  These loops sound “real” because of this method.  Wood, calfskin, and metal all speak each other’s ancient language.  The natural cellular harmony that they present each other is clearly evident in the sound of these loops.

You can drag and drop the raw 24 bit WAV files into any DAW and start working right away.  All tracks come dry and unprocessed giving you 100% control over eq, compression and fx.  All loops were recorded to a click but were not corrected or quantized in any way.  Basically, with any download from Organic Drum Loops you’re getting a raw multitrack session, just like the real thing, but in ready-to-go loops format.