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*current version 2.0 (3.2 GB download size)


The Organic Calfskin Kit (OCK) is an acoustic drum VST3i ROMpler plugin for both Mac and Windows.  This is a robust and comprehensive easy-to-use solution to working with the thousands of multi-track/multi-velocity samples found on this site over here (not including the round-badge samples).

This plugin now (version 2.0+) features these samples as 7 drum kits each played with varying tools (sticks, brushes, mallets) making for a total of 18 unique drum kit selections within the plugin user interface.

Within the plugin you’ll find the following kits abbreviated as such:

Default Dry Brushes – OCK-DD-BRS

Default Dry Mallets – OCK-DD-MAL

Default Dry Sticks – OCK-DD-STX

Digital Brushes – OCK-DG-BRS

Digital Sticks – OCK-DG-STX

Default Open Brushes – OCK-DO-BRS

Default Open Mallets – OCK-DO-MAL

Default Open Sticks – OCK-DO-STX

FX Brushes – OCK-FX-BRS

FX Mallets – OCK-FX-MAL

FX Sticks – OCK-FX-STX

Jazzer Brushes – OCK-JZ-BRS

Jazzer Mallets – OCK-JZ-MAL

Jazzer Sticks – OCK-JZ-STX

Towels Sticks – OCK-TW-STX

Ugly Brushes – OCK-UG-BRS

Ugly Mallets – OCK-UG-MAL

Ugly Sticks – OCK-UG-STX

Techie Stuff & features:

-both Mac and Windows versions are VST3i and 64 bit.

-3 layer multi-velocity samples

-5 mic layout gain and pan settings as well as outputs for routing to aux tracks for more control

-hi hat openings by BPM

-cymbal choking

-global settings for gain, pitch bend, velocity curve, weirdness (LFO filter) amount, speed and shape

-panic button


-MAC version: OS X 10.13.6 and above (Catalina compatible, not yet tested with Big Sur)

-WIN version: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

-6.45GB Disk Space

-64-bit VST3 Host


-This plugin does not come with an installer package.  It must be installed manually.  Put both the OCK.instruments folder (do not extract .mse files) and the OCK.vst3 file into your computer’s vst/vst3 folder.  For Mac the path is typically:  finder>go>option/library>audio>plug-ins>vst  . . .  For windows the common path is:  c:>program files>common files>vst3 . . .

Tutorials with Fotis (plugin developer):
* Please note:  part 1 and 2 were filmed using a beta version of the plugin, and part 3 was filmed with version 1.1 – therefore, there may be slight differences compared to the current version,  thanks for your patience and understanding.

Change Log:

1-27-21. version 2.0

-all 18 kits added to plugin

-samples no longer licensed under the Creative Commons license, but instead licensed under the non-exclusive license listed in the terms

11-19-20.  version 1.1

– resampled the audio files to 48kHz with SoX (best settings), which has greatly the reduced overall file size; the plugin now takes up 1.1GB instead of 2.2GB (414MB zipped!)

– sample rate now capped to 48kHz to match the samples; the volume spike problem should now be fixed

– fixed typo on GUI

11-03-20. version 1.0

– release

thanks for supporting this plugin

thanks for supporting this plugin