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These one-shots are featured in our easy to use VST3i plugin.

Looking for a nice versatile sound that’s clean, controlled and easy to mix?  – well here you go, check out the default dry sound!  The drums here are tuned right in the middle of their range, just where they want to be.  It’s the same tuning (and setup) as the “default open” samples but with extra muffling.  The snare and toms have fleece rings on top of the heads to eliminate all wild overtones.  The kick has exterior pillow pads on both sides to give you a dry punchy sound that’s easy to eq.  The cymbals are also the same as default open, that is: 22” dry dark ride, 12” hi hats and 17” thin dark crash.  This pairing of cymbals is relatively clean, somewhat vintage-y, and compliments the calfskin sound perfectly.  

Includes multitrack samples for sticks, brushes and mallets at 3 velocities (soft, medium and loud). 

817.1 MB

96 kHz 24 bit WAV

Mic Diagram here

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*All 1-shot samples come as a multitrack 5 pack – because that’s how the kit was recorded, 5 mics/tracks as follows:  bass drum, snare drum, room, overhead left, and overhead right.  You can blend these 5 tracks to your liking to create an authentic drum kit sound, or alternatively,  just choose which ever track you like and use it as a single-track sample in your production.  All downloads at OGDL come completely “dry” and un-processed giving you the freedom to make them sound like whatever you want. Dig.