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These one-shots are featured in our easy to use VST3i plugin.

This kit is a nice warm mellow version of a typical jazz drum sound – like 1950’s-ish bebop era sound.  The toms are tuned up high with a pinch of boingy-ness and fairly quick decay.  The kick, although being a 20” drum (most bop was on an 18” drum), tunes up into 18” range nicely without being overly boomy . . .  we can thank the calfskin heads for that.  Cymbal choice here is straight up vintage-jazzy stuff:  a thin dark complex (and somewhat trashy sounding) 19” ride cuts through the mix.  A 17” crash/ride of similar character has rivets for that classic jazz sizzle.  The hats are the favorite 12’s found in other sample packs on this site – just an all around great modern/vintage-y sounding pair of hats, perfect for this jazz sound.  Of course, being a jazz thing, this kit offers a great sound not only for sticks, but also brushes and mallets.  

Includes multitrack samples for sticks, brushes and mallets at 3 velocities (soft, medium and loud). 

753.5 MB 

96 kHz 24 bit WAV

Mic Diagram here

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*All 1-shot samples come as a multitrack 5 pack – because that’s how the kit was recorded, 5 mics/tracks as follows:  bass drum, snare drum, room, overhead left, and overhead right.  You can blend these 5 tracks to your liking to create an authentic drum kit sound, or alternatively,  just choose which ever track you like and use it as a single-track sample in your production.  All downloads at OGDL come completely “dry” and un-processed giving you the freedom to make them sound like whatever you want. Dig.